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Proposer Details

The below form is for vessels based in the EU only. For vessels based elsewhere please visit the Bluewater page of our main site
Date insurance to start:
Is the vessel owned by an individual(s) or a company?
The proposer's name or the name of the beneficial owner if the vessel is to be in the name of a company:
Date of birth of the proposer's or the beneficial owner if the vessel is to be in the name of a company:
Proposer's address:
Proposer's country:
Proposer's nationality:
Proposer's occupation:
Nationality of the beneficial owner:
Company Name:
Company address:
Country of incorporation:
Contact telephone number:
Contact mobile number:
Contact email address:

Proposer's (or beneficial owner's if the vessel is in the name of a company) experience in this type of craft (years):
Proposer's experience (or beneficial owner's if the vessel is in the name of a company) in craft generally (years):
Do you wish to add an additional policy holder to the policy?
Full name of the additional insured:
The additional insured's experience in this type of craft (years):
The additional insured's experience in craft generally (years):


Have you made any claims in the last 5 years on a Marine Insurance Policy?
Please provide details:
DetailsYearAmount paidAmount outstanding
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How many years of No Claims Discount have you got ?


Cover required:
Purchase price:
Is this a narrow boat?
Vessel flag:
If other, please provide details:
Please note that we cannot offer cover this country.
Year built:
Year purchased:
Vessel length (in feet):
Vessel length (in meters):
Maximum designed speed of vessel (knots):
If the vessel has a maximum designed speed in excess of 17 knots and has inboard machinery it is important to comply with the conditions of Insurance that automatic or a remote control fire extinguishing system in the ENGINE ROOM, TANK SPACE, AND GALLEY are fitted and operational.
Is the Vessel of standard production and professionally built?
If not, please provide details:
Does the vessel have a cabin?
Do you use this for permanent residential use?
Do you use the vessel for Club racing?
Does the vessel take part in:
Please give details of type and frequency of racing:
What is the value of masts, spars, sails and rigging?
Name and location:
Is the vessel subject to a Marina Mortgage or other Finance Agreement?
Please give details of loan company:


Please provide details of the vessels's engines (including any auxiliary and outboard motors).
Engine typeYear builtMake/ModelFuelHorse power (HP)Serial number
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Additional Cover

Insured Values

The Insured Values will be based on the “price paid” and should reflect the current market value. In the event the sum insured is substantially different to that of the “price paid” a justification in value may be requested.
Hull, Machinery, Gear and Equipment:
Outboard Motor of Dinghy/Tender:
Personal Effects:
Personal effects that have been acquired and are regularly used directly in connection with the vessel.
Does any of your personal effects exceed £250 in value?
Please list personal effects exceeding £250 in value:
Personal effects that have been acquired and are regularly used directly in connection with the vessel.
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Have you ever been refused Insurance ?
Please give full details:
Have you or any person you may allow to use the vessel been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty of any kind (i.e Fraud, Arson, Robbery, Smuggling, Theft, Handling etc) ?
Please give full details:

• I declare that the above particulars are correct and complete in every respect of my knowledge and belief.

• I agree that this proposal and declaration shall form the basis of the contract of insurance between me and the Insurers if a policy is issued.

• If payment is taken by debit or credit card, it is hereby confirmed that I authorise Velos Insurance Services Limited to debit my credit/debit card account with the premium quoted.

• I further declare and agree that if the statement and particulars have been completed in the handwriting of any person other than the undersigned, such person is deemed to be the agent of the proposer for the purpose of completing this proposal.
In order to provide quotations and cover, we may need personal information from you; the terms and conditions and your rights regarding that are on our Privacy Notice which may be found on our web-site at or by following this link Privacy Notice

Calculations & Hidden Questions

Is there a survey on file?
Is double excess required?
Will the vessel be laid up for the full policy period?
Binder Reference
Total Sum Insured
Rounded Excess
Doubled Excess
France Flat Fee
Cruise Range
Crusing Range Rate
Excess Difference
Vessel Lenght In Feet
Vessel Age
Tax Rate
NCD Last Incremented
War Cover Load
Number Of Engines
Club Racing Load
Skipper Charter Load
Water-skiers/Towing Toys liability premium
Off Shore Racing Load
Vessel Age Load
Residental Use Load
UK & IRE Load
Mediterranean Load
Greece Load
Non Residential Use Discount
Age Discount
Laid up discount
Double excess discount
Tender/Dinghy Excess
Outboard Motor Excess
Personal Effects Excess
Trailer Excess
Other Excess
Producer Commission

Reporting Questions

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